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The cyclotron project was born in 2006 when we met at  summer camp at Kopernik Observatory.  We then began learning more about accelerators and the physics necessary to design one. After several years of work, we had a complete design for a small cyclotron. The only problem was, we couldn’t afford to build it!

In an attempt to find a sponsor for our project, we sent dozens of copies of our  designs to businesses and scientific agencies. One of these letters found its way to Dr. Andrew Hutton, the Director of the Accelerator Division at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory (Jlab) in Newport News, VA. JLab offered to both fund our project and provide us lab space to assemble and test our cyclotron!

Over the next several years we spent our summers and school breaks at JLab meeting with engineers and physicists to finish our design. In 2009 we began to build the various components of the cyclotron with the help of the JLab machine shop. By the summer of 2011, all the parts of the cyclotron were finally finished. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete a successful test before the end of the summer.

The cyclotron now resides at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA where it is being moved into its permanent home to be assembled and tested. Eventually, the cyclotron will be used by the university as a teaching tool.

We can be reached by email at anisotropyx@gmail.com.