No scientist can accomplish everything on his/her own. We have countless people to thank for their encouragement, help, and advice. In particular we must mention the following people, without whom a progression from something we would throw together in a basement or garage to a much bigger, research-grade instrument not have been realized:

Andrew Hutton– Associate Director of Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, whose generosity has made our entire project possible.

Phil Adderley– Our vacuum consultant, who kept us from going astray on the path of our design, as well on the vast grounds of JLab when we first arrived. Without him we’d still think that tube and pipe are the same thing.

George Biallas – Our engineering mentor and idol, whose brilliant insights and infallibility saved our project countless times. Because of him we can draw in 3D now too!

Curt Hovater– Our electronics advisor, without whom our circuits would never resonate and impedances never match.

Evelyn Akers– The administrator whose ability to rapidly make phone calls and reply to emails violates special relativity. Her talent for organizing people, space, and time violates general relativity.

Doug Higinbotham – Our detector specialist, who helped our imaginations scintillate.

Keith Welch – Our radiation safety officer who has done his best to stop us from irradiating ourselves.

Marcy Stutzman – Our science advisor whose coffee and sound advice were always much appreciated.

Geoffrey Krafft – Our physics consultant who had no problems discussing special relativity with a fifteen year old.

Dave McCay and Jeff Dail – The machinists who shaped our dreams into metal.